Spring is here – get your Snorkelbuoy now in time for summer snorkeling and diving!


HI EVERYONE!  GET READY FOR SUMMER!!!  Soon the ocean will be flat and warm… get your Snorkelbuoy now so you never lose your mask and snorkel again!!!  It also makes your family and friends MUCH easier to spot when they’re out on the water – if they’re in a group of snorkelers and swimmers, you’ll easily be able to spot YOUR people with their Snorkelbuoys!

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SCUBA AND SNORKEL SHOW – THE BLUE WILD!!!! do come see us! Broward County Convention Center, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

We’ll be debuting the Snorkelbuoy® at the fabulous THE BLUE WILD http://thebluewild.com/ on 23rd and 24th April 2016 (Saturday and Sunday).  See the Snorkelbuoy® in action!  LIVE!  We’re at booth # 606, so come on by – we’d love to meet you!

TONS of exciting things to see and do, all kinds of seminars http://thebluewild.com/schedule.htm

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We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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This is the story about a simple but revolutionary new invention, a special flotation device designed to stop your mask and snorkel from sinking when you’re swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling.   Not only is it great in case your mask and snorkel are knocked off your head or you just drop them, but now when snorkeling from our boat, we just toss them into the water and dive in after them, knowing they’re floating and waiting for us.  Before, we’d have to carefully get in the water holding them, or put them on and hope they weren’t knocked off when we jumped, or else get someone to hand them to us once we were in the water.  Now it’s just “Toss and Dive!”  I put one on my camera strap too, so that floats as well and is easily visible on the surface – amazing – so easy!



Ever lose your mask and snorkel while snorkeling or scuba diving? Instead of watching them sink irretrievably into the depths of the ocean, now watch them float on the surface with your new SNORKELBUOY® (as long as your mask is securely attached to your snorkel with a strong snorkel-keeper, sold separately). It is a simple snorkel flotation device, or snorkel float.   SNORKELBUOY® is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater use. The regular version (red/white) of the SNORKELBUOY® resembles the colors of a “Diver Down” dive flag, with the red SNORKELBUOY® and the diagonal white stripe.  The GLOW! version has a luminescent coating, so it looks somewhat yellow during the day, but glows at night once charged by light.

The bright color makes the SNORKELBUOY® easy to see, and with the correct placement, the tip of the snorkel should be visible as it will jut out above the water’s surface.  The SNORKELBUOY®’s special buoyant foam will not affect the user’s buoyancy when SCUBA diving or snorkeling below the surface.

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Welcome to Snorkelbuoy®!


BestSB_8   BestSB_2    DSCF0195

Watch the longer video:    https://youtu.be/OXxxjgOMJVE

Watch the short video:  https://youtu.be/H3co3EeDg3s

This is the story about a simple but revolutionary new invention, a special flotation device designed to stop your mask and snorkel from sinking when you’re snorkeling, SCUBA diving, or cleaning the hull of a boat.  It also has a lot of other uses, so click on the link above (About Snorkelbuoy) to read all about them.


 DSC02427   cropped-dsc021181.jpg DSC02599 BestSB_3  BestGLOW_3

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